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Certification Program: Exams, Manuals, and Helpful Publications

In the 10 plus years of CTAG's existence, it has invested considerable effort into developing manuals and exams, as well as and helpful publications to help educators and regulators to develop resources and administer applicator certification programs.

Exams & Manuals



National Pesticide Applicator Certification Core Manual

Carol Ramsay, NASDA Foundation

Revised National Pesticide Applicator Certification Core Exam Item Bank

Michelle Arling, U.S. EPA, OPP, Worker Safety Branch

National Aerial Application Manual and Exam

Manual: Carol Ramsay

Exam: Michelle Arling

National Right-of-Way Syllabus and Exam Project

Syllabus: Carol Ramsay

Exam: Michelle Arling

National Soil Fumigation Manual or download here. Carol Ramsay
National Soil Fumigation Item Bank
Jeanne Kasai

CTAG Publications



A Flexible Process for Developing Effective, Integrated Licensure Tests & Pesticide Training Manuals

CTAG Publication

Exam Administration & Security Procedures Manual

CTAG Publication

Positive Identification Requirement for Pesticide Certification Applicators Exams

CTAG Position Paper, 2006

Written Examination Requirements for Certified Applicator

CTAG Position Paper, 2003

Copyrights & Certification & Training Materials

CTAG Publication

ADA in Applicator Certification CTAG Publication


Last updated May 2, 2012