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Funding Issues

Over the years, CTAG has been actively engaged in how pesticide education and certification programs have been and are funded. In addition to the publications listed below, CTAG formed a work group in the fall of 2007 to explore how EPA formula funding is allocated to Pesticide Safety Education Programs and State Lead Agency Certification Programs. Board members Candace Bartholomew, Pesticide Coordinator with the University of Connecticut and Janet Fults with the Oregon Department of Agriculture provided leadership for this endeavor. In the fall of 2008, a new formula (the first since the 1970's) for distributing funds was adopted by EPA.



Funding Strategies For Certification & Pesticide Safety Education Programs CTAG Publication
50 / 50 State Lead Agency Match Requirements for Certification Program Funding From EPA CTAG Position Paper, 2002
PSEP Funding Process Fact Sheet CTAG Publication

Last updated May 2, 2012