Certification & Training Assessment Group -- National Partnership for Safe & Effective Pesticide Management through Education, Training, & Competency Assessment


Partner Links

Partnering with other related organizations contributes to the success of CTAG. Here are some links to these organizations and contact information to join the e-mail listserves.

If you would like your organization listed on this website, please contact the CTAG Secretary.

Organization Websites


E-mail Listserves


Contact Person

AAPSE Membership

Michael Weaver, AAPSE Webmaster, Virginia Tech Pesticide Programs

AAPCO Membership

Grier Stayton, Secretary of AAPCO

SLACERT--State Lead Agency Certification Managers

Jeanne Kasai, SLACERT Keeper of the List, U.S. EPA OPP

Land Grant University Pesticide Safety Educators List Serve

James Parochetti, PSEP National Program Leader, USDA-CSREES






Last updated May 2, 2012