Certification & Training Assessment Group -- National Partnership for Safe & Effective Pesticide Management through Education, Training, & Competency Assessment


Past CTAG Members

The following people have served as CTAG members since the Board was formed in 2001.

Member Affiliation End of Service
Candace Bartholomew University of Connecticut March 2010
Barry Brennan University of Hawaii October 2001
Wayne Buhler North Carolina State University March 2012
Debbie Danford Texas Department of Agriculture March 2003
Gina Davis Michigan Department of Agriculture March 2006
Kathy Dictor Virginia Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services March 2007
Donnie Dippel Texas Department of Agriculture March 2003
Tim Drake South Carolina Department of Pesticide Regulation August 2009
David Duncan California Department of Pesticide Regulation March 2012
Roger Flashinski University of Wisconsin March 2011
Janet Fults Oregon Department of Agriculture March 2010
Faye Golden Alabama Department of Agriculture April 2013
Dean Herzfeld University of Minnesota March 2007
Win Hock Penn State University September 2004
Monte Johnson USDA CSREES December 2005
Doug Jones Georgia Department of Agriculture March 2010
Jeanne Kasai US EPA March 2004
Paul Liemandt Minnesota Department of Agriculture  
Becky Maguire University of Washington March 2011
Lori McKinnon Yurok Tribe March 2005
Carl Martin Arizona Structural Pest Control Board November 2004
Al Muench Consultant - Secretary March 2005
Pat O'Connor-Marer University of California-Davis March 2006
Jack Peterson Arizona Department of Agriculture March 2006
Carol Ramsay Washington State University March 2007
Leo Reed Office of the Indiana State Chemist March 2015
Kerry Richards Penn State University March 2008
Mark Robson Rutgers University March 2014
Mary Ellen Setting Maryland Department of Agriculture March 2004
Joe Spitzmueller Minnesota Department of Agriculture March 2013
Ples Spradley University of Arkansas March 2015
Sherman Takatori Idaho Department of Agriculture March 2012
Andrew Thostenson North Dakota State University March 2009
Bill Tozer Armed Forces Pest Management Board December 2005
Elaine Wilson Tribal Pesticide Program Council March 2004
Dan Wixted Cornell University March 2013

Last updated May 2, 2012